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March 16, 2020

The Characteristics of a Seller’s Market

How has being in a seller’s market affected us? Today I’ll discuss this.

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The key differences between a buyer’s and seller’s market are time and inventory. If there are less than six months of inventory available in the market, then it’s a seller’s market. If there are around six months of inventory, it’s a balanced market. If there are more than six months of inventory, then it’s a buyer’s market. 


Currently, ours is a pretty extreme seller’s market—we have 2.7 months of inventory. Here are further characteristics of a seller’s market that we’re experiencing right now:


1. The median sales price is higher. The price of homes is a bit higher due to demand outstripping supply; sellers can raise their listing prices because buyers don’t have as many options. 


2. Sellers get more of their asking price. When there is more competition for homes, sellers can benefit. 


"Currently, ours is a pretty extreme seller’s market."


3. Fewer price reductions. Fewer options for buyers means that when a good option does hit the market, it’s gobbled up immediately. 


4. There’s less time on market. Again, buyers with pent-up demand pounce on fairly priced homes in good condition once they’re active on the market. 


As a real estate professional, it’s my job to position you for success, and understanding the type of market we’re experiencing is important. If you have any more questions about our market or selling a house, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. In the meantime, keep an eye on my blog for more great content.

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Feb. 27, 2020

Your Market Update for February 2020

Here’s a market update highlighting the differences between a peak buyer’s market (January 2009) and our current seller’s market in the Atlanta metro.

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Every quarter we hire a statistician to analyze and compile data from the MLS so that we can identify the trends you, the Atlanta buyers and sellers, need to know. Today’s update will be a comparison of our seller’s market (December 2019 stats specifically) to the peak buyer’s market of January 2009, highlighting how things have changed—primarily for sellers.


Without solid numbers to assess, the people who depend on our expertise would be left having to make emotionally based market decisions rather than factual ones, which is a horrible way to approach real estate. That being said, numbers without context hardly even mean anything. For example, 74% of homes failed to sell in 2009, whereas nowadays that’s down to 34%—this doesn’t mean sellers should go around throwing whatever price they want on their home, though. Here’s what you’ll need to know about the market.


Cited below for your convenience are timestamps that will direct you to various points in the video. Enjoy the full message or use these timestamps to skip to sections that interest you most: 


1:45 - Explaining how and why we structure our market updates 


4:15 - Our current seller’s market (December 2019 stats) vs. January 2009’s peak buyer’s market; active listings and inventory 


5:00 - Distressed sales (foreclosures and short sales) December 2019 vs. January 2009 


5:37 - Median sales price December 2019 vs. January 2009 


6:31 - Days on market and sale price/original list price December 2019 vs. January 2009 


7:13 - Overall price reduction December 2019 vs. January 2009 


7:50 - Percentage of failed listings December 2019 vs. January 2009 


9:40 - Putting these number in their context; previewing upcoming content 


Our goal with these updates is to put you in a position to win and to have the confidence of knowledge in every transaction. If you have additional questions about the information covered in today’s message, feel free to call or email me. I would love to speak with you, learn your goals, hear your concerns, and see how I can help. 

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Jan. 9, 2020

Homestead Exemption

I’m sharing why you should file for the homestead exemption and get a break on your property taxes!

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Ladies and gentlemen, today I’m discussing something crucial: the homestead exemption. What is a homestead exemption and why is it important? It’s important because if you purchased a home in 2019 and you own and live in the home as of January 1, 2020, you are entitled to the homestead exemption. 


The homestead exemption is a legal provision that gives you a break on your property taxes, bringing your monthly mortgage payment down, if you’re escrowing your taxes, which most people are. This is only available to your primary residence. It’s not going to count for any rental properties, vacation homes, and so on. You need to go to your tax assessor’s website or office to fill out the paperwork and file for the homestead exemption. 


"The homestead exemption is a legal provision that gives you a break on your property taxes."


There’s no cost or fee. All you have to do is claim it, and you’ll have reduced taxes and a lower mortgage payment each month. You do it once and you’re done. You never have to file it again. However, if you miss the deadline, you can’t file until the next year. For most counties, the deadline is sometime in April.


At 1:45 in the video above you can view the deadline and link for the top 11 Atlanta counties for filing the homestead exemption. Save yourself some hard-earned money and file now! 


If you have further questions about the homestead exemption or real estate in general, or you’re considering selling or purchasing a home, please reach out to us by phone or email. We’d love to help you. If there’s anything we can do to help with your real estate needs this year, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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Dec. 9, 2019

Sweets With Santa Is Coming Up Soon

On December 14, you’re cordially invited to join us for our “Sweets with Santa” event. Here are the details.


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Today I want to invite you to our upcoming “Sweets with Santa” event. This is a great way to get your kids to see and get pictures taken with Santa, and have some yummy treats while you’re at it. We’ll be at 3350 Atlanta Road, Smyrna, GA 30080 on December 14 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. We would love to have you join us, and we would love to have you bring a gift that we’ll donate to Cobb Christmas Inc. to help even more Atlanta kids have a Christmas to remember.

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July 15, 2019

A Testimonial From a Happy Client

One of our greatest joys is seeing the look on a satisfied client’s face.


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Today I just wanted to share a quick word from another happy Pazi Group client. We’re thrilled that [client name] had such a great experience working with us and we can’t wait to work with him again in the future. Here’s what he had to say about his experience:


“One thing I can tell you is that I never thought that this experience would be so excellent. I was amazed with the way things took place. Believe it or not, my house was up and sold within three days. Everybody freaked out because they thought it would be two, three weeks or more. My house was sold before my other house was ready to go. I recommend them to any and everyone.”


Thanks again for the kind words. If you or anyone you know needs help buying or selling a home in the Atlanta area, don’t hesitate to reach out and give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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July 3, 2019

How I Got Into the Business

My journey to real estate has been a unique one. Here’s how it all happened.


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Today I really wanted to spend some time introducing you to my story and how I got into the wonderful world of real estate. Let’s get right to it by going back to 2004.


I moved to Atlanta in 2004 after getting out of a career in military intelligence for the U.S. Army. I was stationed in Hawaii and while I was out there, I was given the option to either buy or rent a house.


I ended up buying a place that cost the same as if I would have rented one. When I moved to Atlanta, I had to sell it and I decided to sell it FSBO. I felt like I could do it on my own and although I did, I did leave some money on the table. After I sold that place, I made a little bit of money and decided to give a career in real estate a try in 2004.

"This is the story so far, but it’s not over yet."


I had my real estate license in just a month after I moved to Atlanta, but I was more interested in investing than selling at first. Later, I started working with builders and sold new construction for years. That went really well until 2013, and it also carried me through the recession. 


When that came to an end, it was time for me to change things up a bit. I knew that I wanted something different, so I went back to working with individuals and found out that I much prefer this to working against buyers. 


I moved to Keller Williams, started my own company, and I’ve been helping people buy and sell homes in Atlanta ever since. I serve on the agent leadership council at my brokerage with pride and I enjoy where my career has ended up now. I’ve still kept up on my real estate investing, but now I have much more freedom to work in real estate the way I want to. 


This is the story so far, but it’s not over yet. I plan to continue being involved in the real estate business for years to come. 


Thanks for listening to my story. If you have any questions about me or my team in the meantime, don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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June 25, 2019

What Is It Like to Work With the Pazi Group?

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s really like to work with us, check out this testimonial.

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We could talk all day about the incredible service we proudly provide here at the Pazi Group, but you don’t have to take our word for it. Recently, we brought in a past client to speak about what made working with us so special. In particular, this client appreciated how experienced, educated, and results-driven we are. Despite running into some appraisal issues, we were able to get this client from contract to close with minimal stress. We were there by his side at every step of the way.

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June 6, 2019

What Was Craig and Gracie’s Experience Working With Us Like?

Craig and Gracie were relocating to the area for just a year and needed some assistance. Here’s how we were able to help them.

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Craig and Gracie are an active-duty Navy family with four kids who were moving to the area for one year. It was a very stressful time for them and they were looking for a home to rent. They were referred to us, and although they were nervous at first, they said it was by far the best, most relaxing, and most communicative experience they've ever had. We were able to give them video tours of homes they were interested in, made sure they could get a home that fit their criteria, and did as much as we could to take the load off of their shoulders.

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May 21, 2019

The Latest Update From the Spring 2019 Atlanta Market

I’m back for another update on the state of our current real estate market!

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Our market is fierce, and in order to be successful, you need to be very diligent and strategic about everything you do. Today I’ll share the latest information on the market and some advice about what you should do to come out on top and reach your goals. We’ll be taking a comprehensive look at all nine counties that make up the Metro Atlanta area.


For your convenience, I’ve provided timestamps below that will direct you to various points in the video above. Feel free to watch the full message or use these timestamps to browse specific topics at your leisure: 


1:28—The median sale price is currently $275,000, which is up by 4.6% over last year

2:16—There were around 700 fewer homes sold in the first quarter of 2019 than in 2018

3:13—The current average days on market for Atlanta is 42 days

4:11—On average, sellers have sold their home for 97.1% of their list price

5:38—We have less than half the available inventory of what we did in 2009

6:20—We currently have about 3.5 months of inventory

7:22—27.8% of all houses put on the market haven’t sold

8:02—My brokerage’s average list-to-sale price ratio is 102.3%


When you’re hiring someone to help you list and sell your property, don’t just go with someone because they have a pretty business card or a fancy website—let their numbers do the talking. Hire the person who will get their clients the most money in the shortest amount of time.


I just want to help as many people win in this market as I can. If you would like to know more about my team’s stats, if you have any questions, or if you would like to talk more about the market, don’t hesitate to reach out to me. I look forward to helping you.

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May 14, 2019

New Homeowner Rokki Coleman Explains His Experience With the Pazi Group


We talk a lot about what our team can do for you, but today we wanted to bring you a new perspective on the experience by bringing in one of our clients: Rokki Coleman.

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Recently, our team had the pleasure of helping today’s guest, Rokki Coleman, purchase his new home. To better illustrate what it’s like to work with us, we asked Rokki to share his thoughts on the experience. “When I sat down with [Pazi], [he] understood what I was looking for [...] and stuck to it,” said Rokki. “[Pazi acted as] an extension of the idea I was trying to bring to fruition.” Another thing Rokki appreciated about working with us was that we stayed true to his goals, while simultaneously pointing out and resolving any issues that arose during his search. “I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Pazi and his team,” Rokki concluded.

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